Question on Dual-Head/TwinView Configuration with intel/i810 driver

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Fri Oct 5 01:08:06 PDT 2007

Le Jeu 4 octobre 2007 23:14, Colin Guthrie a écrit :

> Aside from the files on the desktop tho', the scenario you describe
> with
> having some windows on the right screen (e.g. Web browser or IRC
> client)
> and some on the left (e.g. project files - perhaps an IDE like
> eclipse?)
> then this is easily possible with xrandr/xinerama, it's just a matter
> of
> putting your windows in the right place.

You have the case were the app on one of the screens needs full-screen
(video player, presentation, game whatever), while the other screen is
your normal desktop. This is the usual mode when one of your heads is
connected to a video-projector.

Cloning is not a good solution, as you almost never have the same
resolution or form factor on you desktop head and videoprojector head,
and usually people really do not want the same stuff displayed on
both. What people really want is select a normal not maximised window
on screen 1 and send it to screen 2 in full-screen mode

I'm almost 100% sure we do not have any general solution for this need
right now

Nicolas Mailhot

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