screen physical size, DPI, font size - how does it work?

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> Does anybody know of a tool that can do font configuration for all (or
> at least many) of those different toolkits and programmes through a
> single interface? I guess that would really be a giant leap for mankind.

In most cases not involving Intel drivers, a DisplaySize line added/changed
in xorg.conf is all you need, so any text editor will do. You can leave all
the factory font sizes undisturbed, and have all but some legacy apps
adjusted by forcing DPI up or down to suit via the DisplaySize option. contains a handy list of values
for particular combinations of DPI and screen resolution. With it you won't
have to guess a place to start. If it doesn't work for you, might offer a solution that does. If you
have Intel video, for the time being the best thing to may be to install a
graphics adapter that doesn't use an Intel chip.
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