screen physical size, DPI, font size - how does it work?

Harald Braumann harry at
Mon Oct 8 07:21:19 PDT 2007

On Sun, 7 Oct 2007 22:31:16 +0200
Alexej Davidov <alexej.davidov at> wrote:

> Does anybody know of a tool that can do font configuration for all (or
> at least many) of those different toolkits and programmes through a
> single interface? I guess that would really be a giant leap for
> mankind.

That's a long lived dream of mine. So far I haven't found anything

Such a tool could be really simple. You specify some settings in
a config file and then scripts are called to map these settings to the
configuration of different applications. Like
writing .gtkrc, .qtrc, .Xresources for xdm, xterm and companions and WM
configurations. It would even be possible to create themes that apply
to the whole environment at once. 

It could also be easily extended by the user by writing scripts to
configure additional applications.


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