TVOut issues with intel video driver

rglowery at rglowery at
Mon Oct 8 21:57:32 PDT 2007

I am hoping someone can help me with some issues I am
seeing in trying to use the Ubuntu Gutsy xserver-xorg-video-intel
2:2.1.1-0ubuntu5 amd64 driver with MythTV on an AOpen
MP965-DR miniPC (GM965 based).

1) Washed out colours on SVideo and Component outputs of both MythTV menus
and video playback. (DVI and VGA output is fine).  One hypothesis I have
is that the intel driver is outputting using values 0 - 255 (aka PC
Video), but the Television is expecting 16 - 235 (aka Broadcast Video).
Sorry, I'm not sure of the correct terminology here, I hope my description
makes sense.

2) 576p crashes xserver
eg xrandr --output TV --set TV_FORMAT 576p --auto

using TV_FORMAT PAL does not crash the xserver, but has the washed out
issue above.

I'll try to use gdb to get a stack backtrace if that will help.

3) Component and SVideo output inconsistently works.
Perhaps 50% of the time, SVideo and Component output fails to display at
all.  Rebooting a few times without changing any settings will eventually
get it to work.

Looking at git checkins since 2.1.1 was released, I don't see anything
that looks like it may address any of the above issues.

My xorg.conf is pretty empty, with only defaults created by runnning
dpkg-reconfigure, but I'm happy to provide anything needed to help
diagnose this issue (xorg.conf, xorg logs etc)

Thanks for your help


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