945GM (Thinkpad X60s) hard lockup

Vedran Rodic vrodic at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 06:33:08 PDT 2007


I'm using current git HEAD of mesa, xserver, drm (modules installed),
libpciaccess, xf86-video-intel.

I get a scary looking hard lockup when starting X. Since the lockup is
hard there is no useful info in the logs. Lockup doesn't happen when I
disable DRI with Option "NoDRI" "true" in the device section.

As a side note, current DRM modules from head don't work with stable
versions, and I guess this is by design.

The image of the lockup is here (beware the horror):
http://mjesec.ffzg.hr/~vrodic/img_1751_small.jpg. The image on the
laptop itself is kind of palette animated, but since this is even more
disturbing, I choose not to take the video.

A larger version is available in the same web directory.


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