Xorg Input Hotplugging

Bernardo Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Mon Oct 15 11:41:32 PDT 2007

Daniel Stone wrote:

>> FDI files? xorg.conf? evdev parameters?
> /etc/hal/fdi, e.g.:
> <deviceinfo version="0.2">
>   <device>
>     <match key="input.xkb.rules" contains="base">
>       <merge key="input.xkb.layout" type="string">math</merge>
>       <append key="input.xkb.options" type="strlist">ctrl:nocaps</append>
>       <append key="input.xkb.options" type="strlist">compose:ralt</append>
>     </match>
>   </device>
> </deviceinfo>
> This is what I use.

Yeah, but editing fdi files according to the system settings does not
seem like an acceptable solution for OS distributors, does it?

The display managers should really set the keyboard themselves as
others have suggested in this thread.  And this is what I'm planning
to do in olpc-dm.

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