Wanted - pointers re where to look for keyboard bug.

Nigel Cunningham nigel at nigel.suspend2.net
Wed Oct 17 04:24:08 PDT 2007


On Friday 12 October 2007 22:51:42 Peter Hutterer wrote:
> Nigel Cunningham wrote:
> > I have the intermittent problem with some keys stopping working in KDE and 
> > Gnome (I guess in general), even though events continue to be reported in 
> > xev. Would someone please give me a pointer or two as to how I could go 
> > debugging this? I'm running xorg from git, and can use gdb from over LAN 
> > debug if I know what to look for. Patching and recompiling is no problem.
> put breakpoints on
> CoreProcessKeyboardEvent()
> DeliverGrabbedEvent()
> DeliverFocusedEvent()
> DeliverEventsToWindow()
> the last tells you whether the event is written to the client (in most 
> cases).

I hit breakpoints in DeliverEventsToWindow and DeliverFocusedEvent, but not 
DeliverGrabbedEvent or CoreProcessKeyboardEvent. Does that make any sense? 
I'll happily do more, but I'm already running around like a chicken with it's 
head chopped off :\.


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