Glucose status/instructions request, (and notes on stale branches)

Carl Worth cworth at
Wed Oct 17 10:54:54 PDT 2007

Hello all,

I recently thought I'd give glucose a spin, and I could definitely use
some help from people who are more in the know about it, (José? Alan?

I see that 'xserver' has both 'glucose' and 'glucose-2'
branches. Based on "bigger is better" I assume glucose-2 is what I
want? But I also see recent activity on glucose. Are there two
parallel efforts happening here? What's the story?

In trying to build xserver/glucose-2 I noticed some yuv-related PIXMAN
symbols were missing and found the pixman/yuv-porting branch which
helps with that, (thanks for pointing that out Michel).

Meanwhile, in driver/xf86-video-intel I see both a 'glucose' and
'glucose-xf86-video-intel-2.1-branch' branches. Again, which do I

In general, if branches are still useful for something, by all means
let's leave them around, (preferably with descriptive names[1]). But
if branches are obsolete, can people please remove them? For example,
xserver has 67 branches and xf86-video-intel has 57 branches. Surely
these aren't all active[2].

Perhaps some of the problem is people not knowing how to delete a
branch from the remote repository. Here's the recipe to delete
'obsolete-branch-name' from a remote repository named 'origin':

	git push origin :obsolete-branch-name

The trick here is that the ':' separates local and remote branch
names. So the above command with nothing on the left of the ':' means
to replace the remote 'obsolete-branch-name' with nothing. That is, it
is deleted.

If people would please do that for branches that are no longer needed,
(particularly for things that have since been merged into master),
that would be greatly appreciated.


PS. There are a couple of changes that could be made in git that would
help here as well if anybody would like to pursue them:

[1] It would be nice to have a branch "description" in addition to a
branch "name". It could have the "one-line summary plus
paragraph-detail" convention of the commit message. And "git branch"
could print the one-line summary by default, (there's typically plenty
of room to the right of the branch name), and something like "git
branch -v" could print everything.

[2] It would also be great to have a mode (and likely as the default)
where "git branch" sorts by most-recent-commit rather than
alphabetically. Then it would make sense to do things like "git branch
--since='2 months ago'" to get a list of only branches that have been
active in the past two months).
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