VNC patch for Xserver 1.3

Colin Guthrie gmane at
Thu Oct 18 01:35:59 PDT 2007

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> I did something pretty similar, although I don't remember the exact
> process. Basically, I checked out xf4vnc at about the time xserver-1.4
> was released and ran cvsps on it. By looking at the logs, I was able
> to determine the approximate xserver commit this was at (265a633). I
> then diffed repeatedly, adding commits from xserver that were
> overlooked and removing a few minor changes like the configure
> defaults. Here's the patch I'm using:
> It applies against 1.4, but I haven't done anything since 1.4 was
> released. I'm disabling dmx, too, which seems to have had quite a bit
> of work applied to it in xf4vnc. I don't use it, though.
> I should mention that I don't use, but just Xvnc. I'd be
> interested to see how it stacks up to the patch you generated, though.

Mine is here:

but as I said before it's missing lots of files for the bit.
I'd imagine Stefan's more complete than the xf4vnc stuff (unless Alan
has deliberatly removed the libvnc stuff (partially for some reason?)
and thus both our patches too.

Stefan did you just migrate the patch we've both been using from
previous Xorg releases? It seems to be more complete in terms of the
libvnc files from what I can tell but haven't had much time to play yet
to update it (and there is little point if you've done it already :p)


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