VNC patch for Xserver 1.3

Colin Guthrie gmane at
Thu Oct 18 07:24:37 PDT 2007

Stefan Dirsch wrote:
>> I presume if you pass the arg:
>>  --enable-xorg-vnc
>> with that tree it fails the same way as my patched version does. I
>> should test that really....
>> I think the --enable-xorg-vnc flag must enable the hw/xfree86/vnc path
>> which is just broken as far as I can see (unless there shoudl be some
>> funky symlinks in there or something?
> I'm not aware of this "--enable-xorg-vnc" configure option. I grepped
> the current CVS sources recursively, but didn't find any evidence of
> this option. I'm using this CVS repository:
>   :pserver:anonymous at
> Are you using different xf4vnc sources than me?

Nope, I guess it must be an old option kicking around in a spec file.
I'll do more investigation with my feet rather than speculating!

For whatever reason, my build of xorg goes into the hw/xfree86/vnc
folder and cannot fine an auth.c file to compile (as specified in Perhaps the options you specify do not include this folder
in it's compilation but I'll need to look more closely.... don't really
have time just now hense why I'm speculating more than giving real
results... sorry for being a time waster ;)


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