[7.3 xserver] Keyboard events tend to escape.

nao nao at tom-yam.or.jp
Fri Oct 19 04:43:00 PDT 2007

Hello, guys!

I posted a new bug report and its fix to Bugzilla.


In short, keyboard event processing code is broken and needs my patch.
Both FreeBSD-stable and debian sid on my IA32 PC were severely
affected and it was very frustrating to use them.

Though my patch cures this particular problem, I found input-hotplug
support is not very well reviewed and tested, which means that it is
too immature to merge into the mainstream. It is quite probable that
vast problems occur with it. I would like to suggest unmarging it for
now and making a new release.


Naoki Hamada
nao at tom-yam.or.jp

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