1280x720 Resolution Acer Aspire 5652 Wlmi Laptop nvidia

Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
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On 2007/10/19 01:25 (GMT-0400) truthy apparently typed:

> I am using debian etch rc1 with the newest nvidia-drivers 100.14.19, kde on
> my acer aspire 5652 wlmi notebook (15,4'' max resolution 1280x800, CMO1526
> Panel). direct rendering is enabled and works fine. the problem is that i
> would like to watch movies in this custom 16:9 resolution 1280x720, which I
> know is supported by my hardware. I tested this resolution in WinXP with
> Powerstrip und created a custom Modeline.

> With all the Options enabled I can actually load the resolution but instead
> of 1280x720, I get 1280x800 - the difference to 720 - black spaces up/down.
> Does somebody know how to get in to Fullscreen - or could it be that my
> ModeLine isn't correct?

1280x800 is a PC display 16:10 mode. 1280x720 is a HDTV 16:9 mode. The only
ways to run a 16:9 mode on a 16:10 display are:

1-distorted (horizontally compressed) image - so that the entire screen is used
2-letterboxed - the display image has correct proportions

I've seen it written somewhere that widescreen PC displays normally have
16:10 proportions in order that 16:9 movies can be watched on them without
requiring the Kicker or other top or bottom OS or movie viewer toolbars to be
hidden in order to do it using the full screen width.
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