1680 x 1050 with intel driver?

Jerone Young jerone at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 21:34:32 PDT 2007

Along with using xrandr you will also need to go into your xorg.conf
and increase the default virtual screen .  For you your going to need
to set the virtual screen to
width: 1200 + 1900 = 3120
height: this is who ever has the largest = 1200

So using my ati xorg.conf as an example. You will go to the "Screen"
section and add "Virtual" with your settings.

Section "Screen"
        Identifier      "Default Screen"
        Device          "ATI Technologies Inc M10 NT [FireGL Mobility T2]"
        Monitor         "Generic Monitor"
        DefaultDepth    24
        SubSection "Display"
                Modes           "1400x1050"
                Virtual           3120 1200

Now after you have done this and restart xorg. Then you can then use
the command:

xrandr --output DVI --right-of LVDS

*Note DVI is the name of the connection. So first run xrander without
params, as it will display the name. For me it's DVI-0. This can also
be done for VGA.

Then your ready to go your desktop will then expand to your nice big monitor.

On 10/21/07, Peter Clifton <pcjc2 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-10-21 at 23:17 -0400, Louis E Garcia II wrote:
> > I finally got my 24" monitor though not the same brand, it is an LG.
> >
> > I am not able to configure this monitor with my laptop under linux as I
> > can with Windows. My laptop runs at 1280x800 and my new monitor at
> > 1920x1200. I am able to view one at a time in their native resolutions
> > but trying to bring up X with two different resolutions fails. Is this a
> > limitation of X or the intel driver?
> >
> > Second I would like to use my new monitor as an extension of my laptop
> > but all I can see is the same desktop on both screens. I have tried the
> > Xinerama option under ServerLayout but it freezes my who laptop.
> Configuring this at runtime, try something like:
> xrandr --output DVI --right-of LVDS
> (I'm assuming the output names are DVI for your external, and LVDS most
> likely be what the laptop's internal display is).
> For more information, and for how to set this up in your xorg.conf once
> you've found how you like it, take a look at this guide:
> http://www.intellinuxgraphics.org/dualhead.html
> Peter Clifton
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