Linux root file system with X window support for a powerpc board

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Hello, Mahendra!

Please don't remove the list cc'ed even if this thread doesn't seem
on topic for xorg. This list is focused more on xorg development and
doesn't really cover platform specific installation instructions.

mahendra varman schrieb:
> My board contains a 7410 processor , cpc 700 system controller along 
> with usb controller , tsi 148 vme and a pmc site on the PCI side. It 
> contains SDRAM and flash also

So, I guess, you want to boot from flash with some bootloader and also
have your rootfs in flash.

> On the PMC site , a PMC graphics card with sm722 graphics controller is 
> placed.
> I have enabled the framebuffer driver support for the SM722 , merged 
> with the kernel and I have booted
> linux 2.4 version for the board with ramdisk file system

Don't expect much support for old linux-2.4 environments.

> Now I have to enable X window support for the above setup
> I have the xfree driver for the SM722 chip

Yes. It's called "siliconmotion".

> So now I need to know about linux root file system with x window support 
> based for powerpc processor

You propably should ask your board vendor for a Board Support Package
(Linux-BSP) and see to get the root filesystem and propably the networking
stuff up and running. The installation of an X system, configured to your
system should be the second step.

Any questions regarding rootfs or booting out of flash may be better placed
at the linuxppc-embedded mailing list.
But please focus your questions on specific problems you experience and
don't crosspost.


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