Status of shaders for r300 ?

Brian Paul brian.paul at
Mon Oct 22 06:57:52 PDT 2007

Jerome Glisse wrote:
> Xavier Bestel wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Radeon 9600 XT
>> X.Org X Server 1.4.0
>> Mesa 7.0.1
>> I tried playing a bit with shaders, but even the basic shaders from the
>> mesa GLSL examples (e.g. brick) don't work:
>> Warning: this program expects OpenGL 2.0
>> Mesa 7.0.1 implementation error: User called no-op dispatch function (an unsupported extension function?)
>> Please report at
>> That looks like unimplemented functions, but I'm not sure.
>> Could someone tell me what's missing, i.e. just some unimplemented
>> instructions in GLSL somewhere (and in that case where does the code
>> lives), or more complicated functions missing ?
>> Thanks,
>> 	Xav
> r300 support ARB vertex & fra
> g program mesa can provide support of glsl
> through this but you need to hack a bit (never looked in this myself) i 
> believe
> there is a 965gsl branch or maybe even the 945 driver already as support for
> this  you should look into this driver to see what is needed to do.

None of the hardware drivers support GLSL yet, though the Intel guys are 
working on it for the 965 driver.


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