SOLVED: xorg, 965GM -> no devices detected

Jens Stroebel dr-xorg at
Wed Oct 24 01:24:49 PDT 2007

Colin Guthrie wrote:

> I think the OP of this topic is suggesting that even on new hardware
> with only the 2.1.1 version installed, if the xorg.conf has Driver
> "i810" in it things will break in some subtle way, but changing it to
> "intel" (and thus not going through the symlink) it works.

Exactly. This is what we saw here.

> Of course there is a chance that the OP actually had both intel and i810
>  drivers installed (e.g on his system is not actually a
> symlink, it's literally just the older driver)

To clear this up:

The installation of xorg components was "all new" (from git), so there
was no older driver installed. We normally (this time, too) build xorg
consistently from git on a system with no other xorg components installed.

This then gets packaged and tested on the destination-hardware.

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