SOLVED: xorg, 965GM -> no devices detected

Rémi Cardona remi at
Wed Oct 24 01:46:20 PDT 2007

Colin Guthrie a écrit :
> Dave Airlie wrote:
>> The link isn't broken, distros aren't making it, they are still
>> installing both drivers by default to support seemingly just that 845
>> chipset with LVDS that made it into the Dell laptops..
> It could be affecting more that just Dell machines... one of the people
> having problems on Mandriva seems to have the same machine as this user:
> However this could be a red herring and could be a slightly different
> issue. That user has been unable to extract a ROM to analyse thus far so
> can't confirm.

Gilles has extracted a the bios and handed it to Eric during the last 
Guadec. Eric had found some obscure Russian datasheets about a weird 
chipset in these tablets, if memory serves.

I'll weigh in as well by saying that having both drivers is a necessity 
for a large number of people and downstream devs.

As for me, I have been unable to use 2.x on a box of mine. I'll probably 
get around to actually sending an email here with whatever info I can 
get, but 1.7.4 provided a nice fallback solution for now.



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