Request for help from any intel engineer with access to GM965 doco

rglowery at rglowery at
Wed Oct 24 21:05:35 PDT 2007

Hi Intel Engineers,

As you may be aware from my previous postings and patches, I have been
working to resolve various intel driver issues with my AOpen MP965-DR HTPC
running MythTV.  The only issue remaining is washed out colours with TV
Out functionality.

I suspect the issue is caused by the driver outputting data in the range
0-255 rather than 0-235/240

Could someone with access to the GM965 doco please look to see if the tv
encoder has any mention of a YUV attenuator, level formatter or input
amplitude settings registers etc that may not be currently used by the

I happy to do the leg work, just looking for some pointers how to make
this chipset compress 0-255 -> 16-235 etc.



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