HELP: Trident issues with cyberblade32xp4 on Toshiba laptop

Philip Prindeville philipp_subx at
Thu Oct 25 14:42:11 PDT 2007

Ian Romanick wrote:
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> Philip Prindeville wrote:
>> I googled this issue and found a lot of other people had seen it, going 
>> back 4+ years.  But I only found two postings where people claimed to 
>> have fixed it... and their configs didn't work for me.
>> So, to the trident maintainers...  did this issue ever get resolved?  
>> Does anyone have any recollection of what the fix was, or could they 
>> invest a few minutes helping me troubleshoot this?
> As far as I'm aware, the Trident driver is currently unmaintained.
> Don't know of any of the X developers that have access to the hardware.
>  In your googling, did you find any occurances of this bug with other
> hardware?

I know that others saw it on the Tecra M1...  It might have been an 
issue on the M2 and R1 as well.

As for other vendors?  Don't know.

I've heard suggestion that the PCI PnP information BIOS was returning 
was actually giving the wrong memory addresses, etc. and that the fix 
was to explicitly set all of this in the xorg.conf, but haven't been 
able to confirm this.

So the trident drivers aren't maintained, and the Vesa driver 
crashes...  well, seems like I'm up a certain proverbial creek...


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