xf86-video-ati-6.7.195, no DVI output

James C. Georgas jgeorgas at georgas.ca
Fri Oct 26 07:39:05 PDT 2007

On Fri, 2007-26-10 at 09:32 -0400, Alex Deucher wrote:
> Is the edid mode actually bad or is it a result of the edid sync
> polarity parsing bug in xserver 1.3?  If your edid is wrong, we should
> add a quirk to it in the xserver so the bad mode(s) can be fixed up
> automatically.  FWIW, I've fixed the IgnoreEDID option in the radeon
> driver.

Well, I'm using git xorg, so I think it must be the EDID mode. I don't
know how to read a hex EDID block, so I can't tell if the data is wrong,
or if the driver is just parsing it wrong. It's only an issue with a
digital signal. Analog is fine.

When I first got the monitor, I tested it on a friend's Windows box, and
I still saw the static and sync issues. I also tested a different brand
of monitor, and the other monitor had no troubles with the same
modeline. I tested the montior with an nvidia card, using the
proprietary nvidia driver, and the nvidia driver reported EDID max
pixclock as 155MHz, compared to 170MHz, reported by both radeon and

I would expect the EDID data to have different pixclock ranges for
analog and digital signals, but I haven't seen any server log output
that indicates that this is the case.

In any case, I already posted some requested log output to the "Is
IgnoreEdid broken?" thread, so that a quirk could be added for the
Viewsonic VP201s.

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