Pressure vs touch vs button 0 (was: Re: Tablet to screen coordinate conversion (again))

Giuseppe Bilotta giuseppe.bilotta at
Sun Oct 28 03:07:43 PDT 2007

On 10/28/07, Magnus Vigerlöf <Magnus.Vigerlof at> wrote:
> On söndag 28 oktober 2007, Giuseppe Bilotta wrote:
> [...]
> > I'm left with another issue, but I'm not sure it's related: when using
> > the calligraphic pen in Inkscape I get a very 'blotched' line, as if
> > 'full-pressure' blobs were inserted along the way. I'm not sure wether
> > this is an Inkscape or driver bug though. It sort of looks like a lot
> > of 'button 0' events are inserted along the way. And I can't test what
> > happens with xinput because for some odd reason xinput list <device>
> > is the only thing that works (xinput test or anything else claims they
> > can't find the device).
> Fwiw, drawing in Gimp with my Wacom Volito 2 gives me a very nice line with
> varying blackness as I press the stylus harder but without said blotches.

Hm. If I set Gimp to relate pressure to size I get a uniform tract: no
blotches, but no variation either. Which could mean to things: I don't
know how to set up gimp properly (but I did activate the 3rd evaluator
as pressure in the extended input device dialog), or it's really
something related to the driver not being able to tell touches from
buttons. And since I can't test with xinput I don't know where to
start debugging this issue. Suggestions?

Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta

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