why the tabs in firefox give the same window id using xwininfo

Tomas Carnecky tom at dbservice.com
Mon Oct 29 07:56:33 PDT 2007

sri wrote:
> how about the websites opened by firefox browser are displayed..
> whenever firefox is opening any website how the actual process is done
> and what information actually x server maintains when any application is
> opened
> what part is maintained by x server and what part is maintained by the
> application

An X-window is just like a canvas, a rectangular space where an
application can draw to. The xserver manages this canvas and (through
the help of the window manager) decides where the window should appear
on the screen. The xserver also tells the applications when to draw into
the canvas (in case the window contents were lost and need to be redrawn).
If you open a webpage in Firefox, FF loads the webpage and starts
drawing (rendering) into the canvas. That's it.


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