multi head madness

Carl Karsten carl at
Mon Oct 29 18:14:44 PDT 2007

I have noticed that sometimes my secondary heads have a bit of text identifying 
the video card they are connected to, like "ATI Rage128 PRO GL PCI - P/N 
113-74403-101" and "Monster Fusion Ver 1.20b4002 Diamond Multimedia Sytstems, 
Inc; Video Memory 16MB"  This comes in handy, but I don't have a good way of 
invoking it.  I generally see it as X is starting up, and once the Screens get 
used the message is gone.

What would it take to have a CLI tool that would display those strings and leave 
them up?

It might also be hand to be able to pass a string to be displayed too, like
"Screen 2"

Carl K

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