two ati, one dark

Paulo Zanoni przanoni at
Tue Oct 30 09:44:27 PDT 2007

Is any of these cards AGP/Onboard?
Which one is not working? The AGP/Onboard card?
When you boot your computer, in which video card do you see the system
booting? A PCI card?

Some problems happen when you use AGP/Onboard cards and the BIOS
option "Init Display First" is set to PCI. Change it to AGP/Onboard.

2007/10/30, Carl Karsten <carl at>:
> getting closer.
> I now have 1 nvidia and 1 ati cards.  1 nv and 1 ati work fine.  the 2nd ati
> won't even wake up the monitor.
> conf and log.
> As always, thanks for helping.
> Carl K

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