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On Wed, 29 Aug 2007 17:12:37 Dave Airlie wrote:
> On 8/29/07, Ritesh Sood <riteshsood at> wrote:
> > Well, the matrox driver ( )that i'm using is Matrox's
> > properitory thing.
> > the mga driver doesn't work with my card, a parhelia P650.
> > they'll take months to incoporate the changes.
> >
> > how do i revert back to the version of the xserver before the pci-rework
> > stage?
> Probably best off using the server-1.4-branch
> Dave.
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My apologies for not properly replying to this thread (I'm behind a firewall and can only use web mail).

I have been following the git ebuilds for x-server and xf86-video-ati (radeon) driver until the pci-rework branch using the x11 layman overlay in Gentoo.

First off, does anyone have contact details of person(s) maintaining the x11 overlay? There are a few issues with the ebuilds such as ebuilds for libpixman-1.0.0 missing, etc... Searching for 'x11 layman' produces everything under the sun but the overlay info :) It would also be nice if the overlay provided means of compiling x-server without the pci rework and compiz without xcb (for users of Java). I'd be willing to contribute to this...

Secondly, I had a curious problem with compiz/compiz-fusion. It appears that compiz, compiz-fusion now uses the xcb protocol. Once x-server was recompiled with xcb support and the latest git versions of compiz and compiz-fusion were run, my desktop (KDE 3.5) would freeze after a period of time. There were no messages in X log, dmesg, xsession-errors. The system appeared to still function in the background, mouse-pointer moving but no other input was possible. This does not occur when running KDE without compiz.
I have also noted that certain applications fail to work with xcb, such as Sun Java, due to some sort of locking issue (pardon my ignorance on this issue - I'm just a user). Before I fire off a bug report with compiz people, is it possible that it could be another application (firefox, KDE, etc) that may be acquiring some sort of lock and eventually locking up compiz?
I will read up on xcb to get a better understanding of it, but one has only so much time in between compiles and recompiles ;)

Finally, just for anyone else using the x11 overlay, copying the xorg-server-9999 ebuild to a local overlay and modifying the following part allows one to build the latest ati driver:

src_unpack() {

        # Don't patch before everything's ready
        PATCHES="" mesa_git_src_unpack
        local EGIT_BRANCH="server-1.4-branch"
        local EGIT_TREE="server-1.4-branch"

        # Set up kdrive servers to build
        if use kdrive; then

        # Make sure eautoreconf gets run if we need the autoconf/make
        # changes.
        if [[ ${SNAPSHOT} != "yes" ]]; then
                if use kdrive; then

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