CORRECTION: something crashes xorg when vt switching [was: Re: xf86-video-intel crashes server in current git]

Jens Stroebel dr-xorg at
Mon Sep 3 08:25:01 PDT 2007

Jens Stroebel wrote:
> Wu, Nian wrote:
>> Jens Stroebel wrote:
>> What's your xserver version? You need attach the xorg log here.
> xserver from git, no-pci-rework branch.
> I would have attached the xorg log, but it is empty, meaning the
> crashing server does not write to it.
> Last thing to be seen is the vt switch away from it.
>> We has no any problem. Now we use xf86-video-intel tip and xserver
>> "no-pci-rework" branch.
>> Three days ago, we use intel driver tip+xserver master tip.
> This is unfortunate with regards to the solution; however, I can
> reproduce it with clean installs of xorg-git-2007-08-23 -
> xorg-git-2007-08-30 (no-pci-rework) on Dell latitude D820 + D830
> (intel 945GM +intel 965GM).

			Hello and *ARRGH*, so to speak.

I've spent the last 2 days before the weekend toying around with the
combination of different git-checkouts of various dates from 2007-08-20
to 2007-08-27 and found that - with very high pabability - I was wrong
regarding the cause of the server-crashes.

Here's why:

I installed
xserver git-2007-08-20
libs git-2007-08-20
drivers  git-2007-08-20
Mesa  git-2007-08-20
pixman  git-2007-08-20

and everything was OK (no crashes at vt switch at all).

When updating pixman to git-2007-08-24, the vt-switch crash reproducably
appeared on both 945GM and 965GM. Very unfortunate as we here "need" the
pixman source clipping fix as we use KDM as the login manager, which is
one of the scenarios in which you can see effects of "source clipping
disabled everywhere".

As I liked the xserver change to be present which actually makes use of
the source clipping function in pixman, I manually introduced just this
to the xserver-git-2007-08-20; this - as was to be expected - did not
fix the vt switch crashes seen.

So if I'd dare to - after my previous idea of where the crash was
introduced was so utterly wrong - I'd say the problem lies with pixman
somewhere ... but actually, I'm at a loss here.

Don't know why, I just see X crashing with git versions
(xserver=no-pci-rework branch) up to and including 2007-08-29 (tested no
further yet).

As there are no xorg log entries regarding the crash, attaching said log
seems pointless, so I don't.

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