randr 1.2 and traditional multi-head

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 15:53:56 PDT 2007

> >
> Thanks, but this is not what I'm asking for. I'd like to know if it's
> still possible to get 2 X screens (ie :0.0 and :0.1) with xrandr 1.2
> aware drivers.
> Running with one X screen covering all monitors is nice, works pretty
> well now, but doesn't necessarly fit all needs.
> And it's not about the way I use my machine(s). I want to be able to
> write documentation for end-users who are going to switch their
> configurations from X.Org 7.2 or before to 7.3.
> If the answer is 'no, separate X screens are not possible anymore' it
> should be written explicitely (and  the xorg.conf parser should reject
> those configurations attempts with a proper error; but it's a bit late
> in the relase cycle to fix that) so people don't loose too much time
> trying to figure out how to get that feature back. Some of them will be
> unhappy, but that's not my problem: just tell them to come here to
> complain :)

The server still supports it, we just had to remove support in the
radeon driver as that code was stopping forward progress, I started
some work to reimplement old-style dual-head on top of the randr code,
but unless RH have a pushing reason (read pissed off customer) I doubt
I'll be putting too much effort into it,

You can see what i've done so far

it doesn't work but you can see where I was going...


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