fix for libXrender and new renderproto

Paul Bender pebender at
Tue Sep 4 18:52:16 PDT 2007

In the latest renderproto tarball (0.9.3), the included render.h header 
file switched to using the XID defined type. XID is defined in X.h and 

This causes a problem software that uses libXrender, because of the oder 
of included header files in Xrender.h. Xrender.h includes render.h 
before Xlib.h. As result, XID is not defined in time. The attached patch 
for libXrender fixes the problem by reordering the includes.

By the way, I have encountered problems building xine-ui and kdelibs as 
a result of this problem. Because Xft.h includes Xrender.h, xine-ui and 
kdelibs configure script tests for libXft fail.

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