ati xrandr: cannot find crtc for output DVI-0

Jan Dittmer jdi at
Wed Sep 5 04:43:24 PDT 2007

Alex Deucher wrote:
>>> re-worked.  Do you have any color management or gamma correction
>>> packages installed that automatically run at start up?  do you still
>>> get the brightness if you star up a bare X server?
>> Yes. Synchronization and picture quality on the dvi->vga head seems
>> much worse than the one on the vga output in general even when
>> configuring the exacltly same modes. I'll see that I a) dig up a
>> dvi cable without the 4 extra pins, b) a new adapter and c) a new
>> vga cable and see if that makes a difference. Otherwise I've a X300
>> lying around which I could try instead (is that card supported?).

With a DVI cable the output looks good. VGA cable bad. What does
that tell us?


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