failure to start manually built xorg

Jernej Azarija stdazi at
Thu Sep 6 06:44:40 PDT 2007


I'm trying to build xorg following the wiki page (using the git method) :

After a period of 8 hours, the compilation phase ended and I was left
with the proper binaries in /tmp/modualar/bin. I've set the env
variables PATH & LD_LIBRARY_PATH correctly, and tried to "startx" :

developah:/tmp/src/xserver# startx
xauth:  creating new authority file /root/.serverauth.2113
X: cannot stat /etc/X11/X (No such file or directory), aborting.

It's the first time I mess with xorg at this level and I'm *clueless*
about what am I missing  - google isn't very helpful with this error
message either. I've also noticed I don't have this file on my
workstation, even tough X works fine.

Can someone please explain me what is causing this error and, how to fix it?

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