Should message signaled interrupts (MSI) work with Intel GMA 950?

Jesse Barnes jbarnes at
Thu Sep 6 10:21:46 PDT 2007

On Wednesday, September 5, 2007 11:01 pm Roland Dreier wrote:
> Yeah, the only reason I tried to enable it was to be able to separate
> the i915 interrupt from the other interrupts it ends up sharing an
> IRQ with, so that I could
> see who was really waking up the CPU in powertop.  From a quick look
> at i915_driver_irq_handler(), I actually don't see how MSI would let
> you simplify it at
> all; it seems you have to read a register to see which interrupt
> you're getting anyway, so knowing the interrupt is non-shared doesn't
> really help.

Yeah, I haven't looked at it much, I'd have to check the specs to see if 
we can deliver an MSI that indicates what type of interrupt we're 
receiving.  If not, then the only benefit would be to avoid sharing I 


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