Fix for Theater200 on Radeon x600 VIVO

Bogdan Diaconescu b_diaconescu at
Sat Sep 8 01:23:11 PDT 2007

Hi Maciej,

Few years ago I got some docs under an NDA. I used
them to write RT200 code existing now in xorg sources
makeing my card AIW 9600 working. They were not enough
to support all the cards having this video processor.
Now that AMD want to release docs I hope they will
make more docs available so that I can continue. I can
tell you that communication with ATI at that time was
verry poor, I was sending e-mails they responding in
weeks/months. Hope this will change now.


--- Maciej Cencora <m.cencora at> wrote:

> Do you have any documentation that may be useful
> while writing V4L 
> theater driver? For now, my knowledge about that
> chip comes from ati 
> driver source code, but it might be not enough for
> writing a new driver.
> Maciej Cencora

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