libxtrans compilation broken on GNU/Linux

Dodji Seketeli dodji at
Sat Sep 8 02:35:53 PDT 2007


When compiling xserver and all its dependencies from master, it appears
that libxtrans breaks the compilation.

The commit triggering these errors is
6217f34977bfa17b66b89df5d45420774abedcb3, by Ben Byer.

In file Xtranssock.c, function SocketReopen(),
some new socket manipulation code has been added, and the socket
interface used is the BSD one. For instance, accessing
sockaddr::sa_len, or using the SOCK_MAXADDRLEN macro.
Well, there is also the use of strlcpy() that causes problem, and I am
not sure how to properly handle that either.

Are there some macros in the server to detect the style of the sockets
(BSD or not, for instance) so that I can just #ifdef the code
properly ? What about the strlcpy() usage ?


Dodji Seketeli

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