News ATI drivers

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at
Sun Sep 9 06:09:01 PDT 2007

xorg-bounces at wrote:
> Alan Coopersmith writes:
>> Bauke Jan Douma wrote:
>>> All this silence (esp. on this thread) from the relevant Xorg
>>> developers (up to now) can only mean one thing: the report is
>>> accurate, and said developers are under embargo till monday.
>> Or everyone who knows about it was at the Linux Kernel Summit last
>> week or is traveling to the UK right now for the X Developer Summit
>> starting Monday.
> Right :)
> ... or are in a hacking spell.
> Libv and I are shacking up in a tiny hotel room with a HUGE pile
> of fatty, unhealthy junk food and tea bags busy hacking away on code.
> Arrgh, libv just pulled open the drapes... it's daylight outside,
> hurting my eyes. 
> Should anyone going to XDS wonder how to get from Stansted airport to
> Cambridge: There is no train running at the moment - but a
> replacement bus. This bus leaves from the bus terminal one floor
> above the train station at the airport, bay 28/29 (which may already
> be different today). There are NO signs whatsover on the way to the
> bus, at the stop or at the bus itself. If in doubt ASK your way thru
> (at least 3 people) and take the majority opinion.
> DON'T take the the bus at bay 18, this is a different company
> unrelated British Rail. 
> Should anyone listen: British Rail SUCKS!

the National Express bus is fine, I was on the 717 service
from Heathrow to Cambridge last Saturday (it stops at Stanstead 
on the way).

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