Keyboard LED Breakage

Rene Ladan r.c.ladan at
Sun Sep 9 06:37:43 PDT 2007

vehemens schreef:
> The caps and scroll leds will not turn on when the appropriate key is pressed 
> on my freebsd system using xserver-1.4 and xf86-input-keyboard-1.2.2.  The 
> num led works fine however.
> They used to work with xserver-1.2.0 and xf86-input-keyboard-1.1.1.
Same here on my i386 FreeBSD-current box (an Asus A6JE).  All leds worked with
xserver-1.3.0RC3 (x11-servers/xorg-server-snap) and xf86-input-keyboard-1.1.1,
but now (using xserver-1.4 and xf86-input-keyboard-1.2.2) they are all always-off.
The keys themselves still work.

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