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Sun Sep 9 23:04:44 PDT 2007

Dear all

         I have two systems on which I have two different versions of
Fedorainstalled. The first one has
Fedora Core 3 installed on it with xmodmap-1.0.3 ( saw the version using man
modmap at the bottom of the manual page ). The second system has Fedora Core
7 installed on it with xmodmap-1.0.1 ( saw the version using man xmodmap at
the bottom of the manual page). The problem is , that on FC7 , I am getting
the default scroll lock behaviour like I can use the arrow key up and down
alone for scrolling when i am pressing the scroll lock key but the LED does
not glow, whereas on FC3 I am getting the LED to glow when the Scroll Lock
key is pressed, but no scroll lock behaviour is being implemeted thereafter.

         I tried the following code for making the LED to glow on FC3 (but
no scroll lock behaviour being implemented )
                                       xmodmap -e 'add mod3 = Scroll_Lock'
        But this command on FC7 enables the scroll lock behaviour of the key
, but the LED does not glow.
        Apart from thge above two systems , I also have a customized linux
distribution on a AMD Geode development board where I have used xorg version
7.2. On the customized distribution also I am facing the same problem as FC3
regarding the keymap issue.
        Am I still missing something here ? Kindly suggest me some pointers
to the problem .

With best regards

Pratish Ganguly
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