[EXA] commit "EXA: Support partial migration of pixmap contents between Sys and FB" causes text corruption

Michel Dänzer michel at tungstengraphics.com
Tue Sep 11 17:03:30 PDT 2007

On Sat, 2007-09-08 at 21:31 +0200, Maarten Maathuis wrote: 
> I'm using the nouveau driver, which i know is not an officially
> supported driver, still i hope you have a clue what's causing this. I
> have included a screenshot of the problem. 

And it's the same with any later commit? If you're using Option
"MigrationHeuristic", does it also happen without? Otherwise, does
Option "EXANoComposite" or "EXANoUploadToScreen" work around it?

> I also like to add that rendering freezes up if i go the commit after this one.

You might be hitting a case where a pixmap data pointer is dereferenced
without exaPrepareAccess being called for it first. Please try logging
in remotely and getting the log file after it happens, or even better,
attaching gdb to the X server before and getting a backtrace.

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