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On 9/12/07, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade <pcpa at> wrote:
> Daniel Stone wrote:
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> > HTH,
> > Daniel
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>   Good news. I used to be more friendly to ATI up to one year ago, when
> I switched to NVidia. Most likely my next video card will be again an
> ATI Card.
>   Hopefully this will also mark the start of some standardization so
> that a driver that works perfectly with one card doesn't fail miserably
> with another due to some "minor" spec changes.
>   I am tempted to start writing some GPL code based on this :-)

Be careful, this is exactly what AMD is hoping in terms of short-term
gain from what has been until recently, a PR blitz. Someone mentioned
earlier in the thread that docs published at contain no
information on the accelerator.

AMD is trying to work people into a froth, getting excited about open
source drivers, with no public docs with no public source code, and
hopefully getting them to buy some Radeon cards on a promise. Let's
see how serious they are about this before we reward them for using
promises of open source as a marketing tactic.

I hope they are serious, but I've seen promises like this turn out to
be a case of high expectations from a community manipulated by PR men.

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