Kernel options for intel driver

Chris Pemberton cjpembo at
Thu Sep 13 15:06:34 PDT 2007

Compiling the latest kernel for my machine:

Intel 945GM graphics:
Up to date 7.3 xorg released drivers

I know about the obvious kernel parameters:

Device Drivers ->
    Character devices ->
       <M> /dev/agpgart
       <M> Direct Rendering Manager
       <M> Intel 830M, 845G, .....
       <M> i915 driver

But I'm a little uncertain about some of these:

Device Drivers ->
    Graphics support ->
       <?> Backlight & LCD device support ->
          <?> Display panel/monitor support
       <?> Support for frame buffer devices
       <?> Enable firmware EDID
       <?> Enable Tile Blitting Support
       <?> Support for frame buffer devices ->
            <?> Intel 810/815 support
             <?> Intel 830M/845G.....
             <?> Intel driver debug messages
             <?> DDC/I2C for Intel framebuffer support

Frame buffer requires the following:

Device Drivers ->
    <M> I2C device interface
    I2C Algorithms ->
       <M> I2C bit-banging interface
I've been poking around in the kernel because I keep getting the 
following errors in my log:

(EE) Unable to locate/open config file
(EE) open /dev/fb0: No such file or directory

I have a config file in /usr/lib/xorg/xorg.conf
Is the second error anything critical?



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