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Roland Scheidegger sroland at
Thu Sep 13 12:41:14 PDT 2007

Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Thursday 13 September 2007, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
>> Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> On Wednesday 12 September 2007, Daniel Stone wrote:
>>> Will it run the 9200SE I bought 2 years ago?
>> Will what run it?   Those are docs - PDF files, not drivers.
> Alan, I'm sorry to be wasting your time with this piddly-assed thread.  The 
> point I've made, and which no one will just ignore, was that I went out and 
> spent something like $90 US, to buy a card that could do such as the more 
> recent google earth, or if I was really in a mood to waste time, play tux 
> racer.  That ati card, running on the radeon driver, isn't capable of doing 
> google earth without major breakups in the imaging, and tux racer's response 
> to keyboard input is so slow as to be un-playable when the video is taking so 
> much cpu the keyboard is ignored for 1 to 3 seconds at a time.  I was getting 
> <250 fps from glxgears with it, at 95%+ cpu, now with a Jaton GForce 6200-256 
> and nvidia drivers I get 1500 or so with just a few % of cpu usage.

Sounds pretty bad, 9200se generally run quite well as far as I can tell
(well apart that they are really just more or less half as fast as 9200
cards due to the limited memory bandwidth). PCI cards have performance
problems, otherwise it's something specific in your setup (and the high
cpu value indicates something's not right).


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