OLPC keyboard definitions - take 12

Sergey Udaltsov sergey.udaltsov at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 03:56:37 PDT 2007


1. Still, I am not happy with Urdu. There is no such country.

2. The group names for layouts which would be default on olpc should
have only the country name. So, instead of
   name[Group1]= "U.S. English - OLPC International";
there should be only
   name[Group1]= "USA";
That is the standard practice for variants which are default for some
keyboard model (according to the rules).

BTW, thanks for spotting the problem - in the next release group names
in symbols/us should be changed from 'U.S. English' to 'USA'.

Other than that, the patch looks ok.

I would not be able to apply anything before 1.1 release since we are
in the freeze period.


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