OLPC keyboard definitions - take 13

Sergey Udaltsov sergey.udaltsov at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 06:30:16 PDT 2007

Nearly there:)

> > 2. The group names for layouts which would be default on olpc should
> > have only the country name. So, instead of
> I had done that for all the other files, except for the us one.
Turkish as well?

> But I've set the name to "USA", but shouldn't it be "US International"
> in our case?  Unlike the plain USA keyboard, our layout carries a
> load of other symbols.
The syntax is "/country name/" or "/country name/ - /details/". So
even if your default variant contains  "other symbols" - this is not
important here.

BTW, what was the story with merge.sh? Why was it modified?



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