Xvfb, BackingStore and Render

Karl Burgess Karl.Burgess at Sun.COM
Fri Sep 14 07:07:20 PDT 2007


Does anybody know what the position is with regards to the Xorg
Xvfb server, backing-store support and the various forms of
accelerated/3d drawing eg. Render, GL, XVideo, etc? If the Xvfb
server says it supports backing-store, then are all of the
accelerated/3d graphics operations directed to the backing-store
pixmaps as necessary?

We have a problem situation with an application running to an
Xvfb server (based on Xorg 7.2, with backing store enabled).
The application makes use of the render extension to draw glyphs, but
also has dialog boxes which enable save-unders. When these dialog boxes
are dismissed, the exposed window contains no glyphs. If the glyphs
have underlines, then the underlines are exposed without the glyphs.
It seems that the render glyph operation is not being diverted to the
backing-store pixmap, but the line-drawing requsts are.

Any thoughts?


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