intel driver: playing video with totem: bad quality, causes lockup at next switch to VT

Jorge Barreiro Gonzalez yortx.barry at
Sat Sep 15 07:11:09 PDT 2007

O Sábado 15 Setembro 2007 13:07, Willi Mann escribiu:
> Hi!
> I have a very strange issue on my Acer TravelMate 6004LMi notebook:
> Playing videos with totem (and other players) shows very bad colors.
> (the brightness seems to be way too high). I don't experience this issue
> with the vesa driver, so the players or their libraries are probably not
> to blame. (And I didn't experience this issue with 1.x versions of the
> intel driver)

That happened to me, too. But I use KDE and the xine engine to watch videos. I 
switched the "video driver" in the xine options from xv to opengl and the 
color issue is corrected.

I don't know the cause of this behaviour, but that trick worked to me.

( I have an Intel915GM with the 1.x driver, the version which come with Debian 

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