intel 965GM integrated graphics chipset on dell d830 with fedora 7 not working correctly

Jesse Barnes jbarnes at
Mon Sep 17 17:05:37 PDT 2007

On Sunday, September 16, 2007 12:32:06 pm Ben Little wrote:
> (II) intel(0): Kernel reported 488960 total, 1 used
> (II) intel(0): I830CheckAvailableMemory: 1955836 kB available
> (==) intel(0): VideoRam: 262144 KB
> (EE) intel(0): [dri] I830CheckDRIAvailable failed because of a version
> mismatch.
> [dri] libDRI version is 5.0.0 but version 5.4.x is needed.
> [dri] Disabling DRI.

Did you build these drivers yourself?  Somehow your DRI init failed due to a 
library vs. X server mismatch.  You'll need to fix this before you go 
further, probably by upgrading your libGL/Mesa package.


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