[x11] Re: How to OverrideCFLAGS in Modular Builds

John Klingler john at jupiter.com
Mon Sep 17 17:25:48 PDT 2007

Hi Dan,

Actually, that did not work, either from tcsh using setenv CFLAGS "-g3" 
or from bash using export CFLAGS="-g3". configure picks up the new 
definition of CFLAGS from the environment but make uses the original 
definition, i.e. "-g -O2". This was driving me nuts because ddd/gdb 
jumps all over the place and it is hard to tell which instruction is 
being executed.

I had to go to my top level directory, export CFLAGS and run my adapted 
build script:

I used bash but I'm pretty sure tcsh would work as well.

Whoever is maintaining 
might consider adding this kind of thing to make life a little easier 
for people using the modular build process for the first time. I assume 
the modular system was a team effort and the members of the team knew 
what each other were doing but practically none of that knowledge found 
its way into the documentation. Both documents are perfunctory at best.

Best regards,


Dan Nicholson wrote:

>On 8/7/07, John Klingler <john at jupiter.com> wrote:
>>Is there a way to override CFLAGS in the modular build process?
>>Editing Makefile doesn't work.
>The configure scripts generated by autoconf will respect CFLAGS from
>the environment.
>$ export CFLAGS="-O2 -pipe"
>$ ./configure ...
>So, you should just be able to set them in the environment.
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