glucose and xgl progress

José Fonseca jrfonseca at
Tue Sep 18 10:47:09 PDT 2007


Lately I've been working in getting glucose-2 branch up to shape to
merge into master. For that end I've merged master into glucose-2.
Since glucose shares code with xgl, I also merged some bits from
xgl-0-0-1 branch, and did some other necessary updates to Xgl in order
to get it compiling and running.

At this moment, Xgl in glucose-2 branch runs normal 2D and XVideo apps
OK. However GLX crashes. The problem seems to be duplicate symbols in
dynamic shared libraries. Namely, Xgl seems to be picking dynamically
symbols from glxcmds.c inside my system's /usr/lib/ (that
comes from Mesa) and the glxcmds.c that lives in xserver/GL/glx .

I'm not sure if this problem was caused by my changes to get Xgl
compile, or to recent changes to Mesa/Xorg source. Can anybody provide
some hints?


José Fonseca

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