xrandr multihead and window placement

Xavier Bestel xavier.bestel at free.fr
Wed Sep 19 01:40:20 PDT 2007

Le mercredi 19 septembre 2007 à 08:58 +0100, martin f krafft a écrit :
> also sprach Keith Packard <keithp at keithp.com> [2007.09.18.1755 +0100]:
> > Which is odd, because RandR reports geometry information using the
> > Xinerama protocol, so I would expect window managers that
> > supported Xinerama in the past to support the Xinerama
> > implementation inside of RandR as well.
> Well, it definitely seems like something's fishy. For instance,
> maximising windows in Fluxbox (which had the best Xinerama support
> of all window managers I tried) now causes the window to extend
> across both screens. 

Maybe xrandr modifies the screen geometry and fluxbox doesn't know
Xinerama properties can change at runtime ?


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