Get Xorg7.1 by git

Clemens Koller clemens.koller at
Thu Sep 20 03:18:45 PDT 2007

LawrenceLee at schrieb:
 > I’m newbie of Xorg and git. I want to download Xorg 7.1 version using
 > git. But I always get the latest version of Xorg. How can I specify the
 > version to download?

I usually download the whole git repository and then then checkout the
desired tag from the branch I want. I.e.:

$ git checkout <branch name>
$ git checkout <tag object name>
$ git checkout <commit name>

A <branch name> is i.e. "master".
A <tag object name> is i.e. "v2.6.23-rc1".
A <commit name> is i.e. "1b2e1d63ff".
(without the "" quotes)

...checkout -f  forces this and overwrites local changes.

And there are other tutorials for git... it's all explained with
several examples.


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