Request for Intel 915 hw information

Krzysztof Halasa khc at
Fri Sep 21 09:24:17 PDT 2007

Jesse Barnes <jbarnes at> writes:

> I think generations prior to i915 don't have the full 32 bit scheme, but I 
> don't have the docs handy to be sure (at least the i815 docs are public and 
> they only describe a 16 bit interrupt scheme).

I see. For now I assume it's the same for i830 and later only.

> Hopefully the pipe status bits are enough.  It sounds like you're getting
> the 
> right field events, though less conveniently than you'd like...

Yes. Actually it's now perfect, I don't mind extra 25 IRQs/second.

Thanks for the info.

FYI: I'm using Linux FB driver (drivers/video/intelfb) for experiments
and now the display is flawless, I get full PAL with correct field
order and full resolution, in sync with the video stream etc.
It's not using hw color space conversion nor hw X scaling (I double
X resolution because i915 can't do 13.5 MHz pixclock, but can do 27 MHz),
It's not a problem as long as the display is ok.

Now I have to look how to get that to driver too (and, obviously,
kernel DRM).
Krzysztof Halasa

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